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    Question VF2D Z axis drive issue after MOCON replacement

    Hi everyone, i've recently purchased a used 2004 VF2D for my small job shop, all electronics look newer and are dated 2014. TL;DR at the end.

    When I got the machine up and running at the shop it was all fine for up to a week, everything worked well, then one day on power up one drive blew up with sparks and everything, it was an additional older drive that the seller had installed as preparation for a 4th axis which I still don't have yet so it wasn't being used, all the other amps on the machine are smart amps which through research I realized that the old amp needed a load balancer which it didn't have.

    I removed the blown drive, low voltage power source died, replaced that, machine starts up, everything seems fine and it just works for the day, next day the machine is powered up again, all axis return to home and while idle I get an alarm 157 MOCON WATCHDOG FAULT. Did all the test I could and I ended up replacing the MOCON for another used one, it's not the same exact model as my previous MOCON, I start up the machine and I get an alarm 105 Z SERVO ERROR TOO LARGE and the servo drive is at fault, break does release as every time I pushed reset the Z column would come down a little.

    I switched the Z axis drive amp with the Y axis drive amp and now the error would jump to the Y axis, I disabled the Y axis in the parameters and I could single axis home every axis so my conclusion is that the 45 amp is damaged.

    I purchased another used 45 servo drive, this drive would start up green but I would get an alarm 163 Z AXIS DRIVE FAULT, had warranty and sent it back but I'm being told the servo drive is fine and working on their machine, that since I changed the MOCON board my parameters are wrong.

    Changed my VF2 MOCON to one that is not exactly the same as the machine had, replaced a 45 amp servo drive (supposedly in working condition) and got a 163 Axis drive fault alarm, told by seller my parameters must be wrong and thus the fault

    Is that possible? how can I make sure?

    Hope anyone here can help me out sort this problem

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    Re: VF2D Z axis drive issue after MOCON replacement

    replied on your other PM post...

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