Edit: problem has been resolved, I think, see below if interested

Hello -- I have a TECO Westinghouse L510 VFD controlling a "Chinese spindle" (1.5 KW, 220 V, 400 Hz, 8 A). I have had days of good operation but lately the VFD goes into "Inverter over current (CL)" mode about 6 seconds after turning the spindle on.

  • Error **CL** is on page 139 in the linked manual PDF, but I can't find any other information about it anywhere.
  • This is apparently different from the motor overload or output current fault.
  • The VFD runs fine with the spindle disconnected. Each spindle phase reads about 4.1 ohms.
  • The issue arises whether at 1000 rpm or 24000 rpm.
  • The VFD is L510-101-H1-U

I bought the VFD and spindle secondhand, so I don't fully understand the parameter-space, but I have confidence in the original owner's competence... Any ideas about how to troubleshoot this?

If I understand things correctly, my VFD can only power up to 1 HP or 0.75 kW, but this spindle is 2 HP. I need to downgrade the spindle (which should be okay for cutting wood) or upgrade the VFD (if I can find a 120V 2HP version). Thanks for your time/maybe this will help someone else!