Hello All,

I recently bought a Lenze 8200 2.2KW 230V VFD used. I am pairing it with the same cheap Chinese 2.2K 220V spindle everyone uses.

I finally got the VFD configured to put out the right frequencies, current, ramping/decel speeds so on. So powered it on and all was well I can control the speed however any time I go above 200ish Hz or 12000 ish rpm the VFD shoots out a overvoltage warning and clicks of the spindle. I found the parameter to read out the DC bus voltage and it seemed high. At 100hz it was around 355V and at 200 it hits 390V tripping the overload.

I did a little digging but almost all the things I read talked about DC voltage overload during deceleration due to the spindle becoming a generator. I currently dont have any external braking resistor hooked up, I will soon, but I dont think that has anything to do with my issue. I tried running the VFD without my spindle and across all frequencies it read 340V.

I am hoping someone with more experience can tell me whats going on. A few notes below.


VFD input power: 240VAC (in spec)
VFD drive current max: 9.5A
VFD output voltage when the over voltage occures: 120ishVAC
Motor voltage: 220V
Motor body grounded to VFD