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Thread: VFD Problem

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    VFD Problem

    Dear all. i have FUJI VFD G9S.which is connect with single phase 220V. from last 3days i have problem that when i try to change any parameter i can't change it due to it is display (Data procit)i try to change prameter (95)data protiation which is 0=data changable and 1 is data not changable. i try it to change feom 0 to 1 and save it and try to change it from 1 to 0. its changable when i try to save its display data saving. but when i try to change other parameters its no change and continue display (DATA PROCTIC).can any one helpe me how to solve this problem. Regards.

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    firstly you Noted the Present parameter value then you Reset the drive.After completion the process you are set the value

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