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    Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    My Arrow 750e has a Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A. The center bushing in the cylinder has disintegrated, and the machine no longer loads tools (attached video).

    I'm pretty sure this is why the tools fail to load. Do you agree?

    Anybody know where I can get replacement bushings. Ideally a full set since the others may be ready to die as well.


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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    Daniel, No Video attached
    Machine Serial Number 70xx-A0x-yyxxxx
    Model type: ERD, ERO or European shipped machines with a Year of MFG stamped tag below the serial plate.
    I'm guessing your talking about the 40-Taper VMC Machine CM# 1262014 Two-Cylinder Drawbar Unclamp Cylinder (Double Pancake); which was replaced by the 1267256A Triple Pancake Drawbar Unclamp Cylinder.
    This cylinder is available new from Fives-MSI Hebron, KY.
    Each of the Pancake pistons has a seal and there is an O'ring at the top and bottom which get damaged if the cylinder is loosened with the air still connected.
    The shaft seal at the bottom is used to hold the cylinder up and retracted so as not to drift down while the spindle is running.
    I've only known of one customer who was able to reverse engineer and replace the bottom seal; but it is possible for the right person to figure out.

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    gwood...thanks for the lead
    As suggested, my Arrow 750e is SN 7054-A00-98-0077.
    Sorry about the missing video, first post. Now I see it was over allowed size...video attached along with photo of Vickers special cylinder.
    Any further comments you have after seeing the video would be great.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    If you are going to research this you'll need to remove the tool knockout can from the bottom end of the shaft; ten pull of the bottom
    mounting plate and examine the shaft seal in it. Measure the O.D. of the shaft and the OD of the seal bore for sizing.
    You'll be looking for a pneumatic lip seal.
    Reference Only: https://www.mcmaster.com/lip-seals/s...6013289848342/

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    gwood...thanks again
    I'll have look at the seal; meanwhile I have contacted Fives-MSI and they working on a quote for a new cylinder.
    I don't want to use you as Tech Support, but in your opinion, is the failed seal/cylinder the reason for the tool failure to load?

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    The Drawbar must be advancing down and adjusted properly to unclamp for grabbing a tool.
    If it has been observed to be working with no leaks the knockout Must be measured and adjusted first.
    Once this is correct; then the switches must be properly adjusted.
    I've attached 3-Documents to help anyone with this.

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    Perfect, thanks

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    Re: Vickers Special Cylinder SC6084A Bushing

    We managed to replace the seals and the machine is working fine.

    The original seal was an AUNIPSL 25-35-10.4 CFW A1. Apparently AUNIPSL is a brand name, CFW is the manufacturer and A1 is the material.

    Equivalent seals available from:
    mspseals.com for $4 each as URM25x35x10.4 PU (MOQ 5)
    metricselas.com as K51-025 for $12.50 each

    The cylinder center shaft is screwed together. Holding one end in a vise, and using a wrench with a 4 foot pipe for leverage it was unscrewed. The threading was extremely tight as the pipe was needed for the entire disassembly process. The shaft has about 3/4 inch length of thread on it, so many turns.

    A replacement cylinder was available from:
    Fives Machine Tool Service in Kentucky (Fives Group - Fives Group)
    Cylinder, Pneumatic, Triple, Drawbar
    PN: H.1017.6592 (old PN 1267256A)
    6 week lead time

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