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    Victor CNC Lathe 1840[ DEL

    Hello, we have a Victor CNC Lathe 1840i DEL, this machine has a noise in X axis when rapid traverse. It holds tolerance well and. leaves a good finish, juat the noiae when rapid. Also. would like to know where to get maintenance manuals for this machine. Thank you.

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    Re: Victor CNC Lathe 1840[ DEL


    Most likely the noise you hear is coming from the ballscrew support bearings. Over time, but certainly following a crash or crashes, the bearings get microscopic flat spots on them that causes the noise and accelerates the failure of the bearing. If you can live with the noise and you're still able to hold good tolerances, you've got some time before the bearings truly fail. A simple backlash test will give you an idea of the degree of failure you're already dealing with. If you've got more than .002" backlash,your bearings are disintegrating. :wave:

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    Re: Victor CNC Lathe 1840[ DEL

    Post a picture with the machine,i might have some manuals

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