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    Question Viewing .cad files

    My company has a bunch of .cad files (I think from BOB-CAD 10 years ago) that the original drafter didn't save as any other format. We now use TopSolid and I was wondering if there is a viewer for the old .cad files that I could use just to see what the files contain. I have looked, and I don't have access to old PCs running BOB-CAD.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Viewing .cad files

    What you can do is get a seat of the BobCAD CAM V31 CAD software. This way you can open the .CAD files and then save them as a different format that Top solid can read.
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    Re: Viewing .cad files

    If you contact BobCAD, your company may still own the old license. If you do, you should be able to download and activate it to look at the old files, unless it's a version that used a dongle.

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    Re: Viewing .cad files

    Find somebody with BobCAD and get them, pay them to convert to an industry standard format. Unless you can find your old license. I generally find when you see the words "Call for a price" or "Save thousands" to be key words its going to be expensive to purchase.
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