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    Vista CNC pendant questions

    I just got my new pendant, and let me say how great Lee was to deal with. I had issues getting the pendant delivered to me because the postal service “lost track” of my package. Lee was kind enough to send me another no questions asked. That is great customer service in my books.

    Now to my questions;

    When turning off your CNC machine, do you unplug the pendant from the computer’s USB port? I just let my computer hibernate, but if I don’t unplug the pendant, the LCD screen stays on.

    I have both a plasma table as well as router. I would like to use one pendant on which ever machine I’m using at the time, but my router uses Mach4 and my plasma table uses Mach3. Each version of Mach requires a different firmware to be installed in the pendant. I’m sure installing new firmware each time I use whichever machine won’t cause any issues, but wanted to make sure.

    Thanks for any reply.
    The one that dies with the most tools, WINS !!

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    Re: Vista CNC pendant questions

    I leave mine plugged in 24-7, and it does the same thing yours does (LCD on). These things can be fickle for a particular USB port, so once you find one it likes - never unplug it.

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    Re: Vista CNC pendant questions

    I shut down my computer when not using my machine. I wouldn't unplug your pendant unless you plan on rebooting to ensure the usb reloads the driver etc. As stated it can be finiky. I would be worried about swapping firmware regularly. Updating firmware frequently sounds like a recipe for problems . I'm sure you can, but I'd check with Lee and see that if you have an issue during firmware install (computer power outage, glitch etc) you can recover it yourself or it would need to be sent in for repair. Personally I'd get a pendant for each machine/system.

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    Re: Vista CNC pendant questions


    I am trying to communicate with VISTACNC before purchasing the pendants as the delivery will be to the UK and because of Brexit, we cannot buy it using a credit card.

    I cannot find any number and I sent them several emails already without a reply.

    Do you have their number?

    Thank you so much


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    Re: Vista CNC pendant questions

    I sold my router, but kept the pendant. It’s brand new never used and would be willing to sell it. Pm me if interested.
    The one that dies with the most tools, WINS !!

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