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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Hitachi Seikis > VK 45 II NUMC BOARD ERROR
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    I am having a problem with my VK 45 II with seicos M3 controller. It started a couple of weeks ago showing randomly NUMC board error on a daily basis both when the machine was running a part or on standby. This made the machine go on e stop.
    Starting today when ever I press MDY button on the panel the error appears :NUMC SYSTEM FAIL, Software error occurs in the NUMC board . All the other machine functions and buttons work ok, but I can't start a program in memory mode.
    The machine data and parameters are ok, I even scrolled trough the ladder diagram to check for changes but nothing. When the error occurs there are 2 red led s on the NUMC board number 3 and 5.

    Thank you

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    the NUMC is failing based on what you are describing (and what the controller is telling you). This is a common fail-point within the SIII controller. Best thing is to backup you NC now;
    LED3 is FAIL and LED 5 is SOFTALM
    If you need further assistance please PM me and I will help; there is a process that needs to be done before swapping parts

    Its also possible the NUMC software is failing that is on the EPROM ( I have seen it only once or twice in my experience) but its a possibility.

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