Bought a set of Z rails for my VMC15XT. The rails came from I thought I was buying the original equipment but when they showed up they were PMI rails with carriages attached. There was really no information with how to install them. Called and asked about that but no help. Got on the net found the PMI installation instructions and installed them. They look nice and from what I can tell should work fine. To be honest got a little redass thinking I was buying OEM equipment but was not the case. The carriage oil line fitting threads are 6MM. The original rails were 10/32”. Had to find the right fittings for the PMI rails. I found the right push to connect fittings at source 4 industries. The fittings are all metal not plastic! They were $3.90 each. The fittings can handle up to 400 plus PSI. I will post pictures of the fittings and them installed. Sometimes companies love to sell you parts but have no support after the fact, awesome!