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    Question voiern wr4040 laser cutter default settings

    Hi, I need a little help and wondered if someone could help me out, I recently bought a voiern wr4040 laser cutter equiped with a RDC6442G "Ruida" controller. The Machine was working great, until I messed up a few setting and had the bright idea to do a parameter reset, thinking it would put the setting back like they where when I got the machine, but instead it reseted all setting to default for the DC6442G. Now the machine doesn't go to home, goes reverse in the y axis and move super slow. Contacted the seller but still haven't answered me. Anyone got a similar machine and can get me the default setting ?

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    Re: voiern wr4040 laser cutter default settings

    Ok, I got some of the settings back by myself and can use the machine again, only problem is : the laser power seem a lot weaker then before, when I tested it using the pulse button I was making a hole in 3mm wood pratically instantly, now it doesn't make it trough even if i hold the pulse for a few seconds. tested with a cut i used to be able to make trough the same wood in one pass and now it doesn't even go halway when cutting. Did I somehow bust the laser some way or is there a setting I messed up ?

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    Re: voiern wr4040 laser cutter default settings

    I have the exact same problem. Did you manage to fix it somehow?

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    Re: voiern wr4040 laser cutter default settings

    sorry to jump on the thread but can i ask where you bought it from im looking to get the WER-6040 and looking to find a supplier rather than go direct to china.
    cheers in advance.

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