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    Vytek rebel router

    Hi guys,
    After finally finishing my DIY 54"x 65" router, I have now been offered what looks to be an old Vytek 4x8 rebel router for free! I wish I had this opportunity about 3 months ago before I started building one from scratch!!

    I am planning on going to pick it up, but I have no information on this thing. Does anyone know if these machines are any good?

    Supposedly it was just put in storage when the company upgraded and they now just want it out of the way.

    I can't seem to find much info on it and would really love to hear from someone that may have run one. It looks to have some massive belt drives, and it supposedly is driven with servos.

    Would also like to know if I can replace the controller and drive it with uccnc.

    Someone needs to convince me this is worth my time to go pick up!
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    Re: Vytek rebel router

    It as a beast of a machine!

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