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IndustryArena Forum > CAD Software > Uncategorised CAD Discussion > Want to extract Excel data OUT to DWG or DXF or directly to CAD
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    Want to extract Excel data OUT to DWG or DXF or directly to CAD

    I have a need to find a fast, easy, and automated ( if possible ) solution to exporting text values ( point coordinate data** ) OUT from Excel, and IN to CAD. This can be DWG, DXF, or even directly into CAD.

    I cannot simply export the whole sheet as a space delimited file. There is a metric buttload of data in it that comprises 90% of it and I only want the 10% that are coordinate points. This is a recurring need, hence the desire to automate it.

    Is anyone aware of a program that will do this?

    ** - actually, they are three point arc values. However, I am willing to construct the arcs myself if necessary if I can successfully obtain the points.

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    Re: Want to extract Excel data OUT to DWG or DXF or directly to CAD

    Sounds like an unusual but interesting application.
    If you provide me with an Excel file with examples and information about it, I can try to integrate an import function into my program GrblGru. From there you can export it as DXF.

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