I'm trying to develop reasonable repair skills for these amplifiers. As such, I am looking for failed drives that people have hanging around and which are subject to disposal. I really can't justify spending a lot of money on these, so I am targeting things that are broken (unless you don't want your working units anymore!). I am not trying to become a high end commercial repair house. Quite the contrary. I have done a good job at figure out what I have been faced with, however, and I would eventually like to be able to provide some rudimentary repair services. This is targeted more towards fellow hobbyist who typically have a hard time swallowing the high cost of repair on industrial machinery. Commercial entities can easily write off the expense fairly quickly (time is money) so repair houses are probably better for commercial people. Frankly, this is a hobby for me and I enjoy improving my skillset after neglecting my EE background for far too long, while simultaneously helping others.

So, if you have any spare parts laying about, I would be interested in them.