Waterjet machine is used widely on the stone cutting, especially for the assembly of art works. Below is a case of stone assembly cut by waterjet machine.

For waterjet cutting, the edge quality is good usually on the top of material, but the bottom side would be rougher because of the engery reduction of the waterflow. The only option is to reduce the cutting speed if user need get a perfect vertical edge.

For the assemble of stone, user prefer to have a small bevel along with the edge, there are two advantages, one is that convenient for assemble, because the top side quality is sured by the waterjet, if the bottom side is with a bevel, though rougher than the top side, but easy to assemble the parts still. The second that improve the machining efficiency, because of the bevel, so more gap is leaved for the assembly on bottom side, and more rougher tolerance is acceptable. then user can set a higher cutting speed for the stone cutting.

Along with the popular of waterjet with AB axis, CutLeader provide the support of AB axis now. User just need enable the option in NC configuration and set the bevel angle, the generated NC program would be with AB axis value. The AB axis value is calculated by postprocessor automatically based on the geometry vector.