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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Spindles / VFD > WEG CFW300 VFD + KL-800 water cooled spindle settings
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    WEG CFW300 VFD + KL-800 water cooled spindle settings

    VFD: WEG CFW300A06P0S1NB20
    120V single phase in, 220V three phase out, 1.5HP


    Manuals: https://cdn.automationdirect.com/sta...wegdrives.html

    Spindle: KL-800
    220V, 5A, 400Hz, 8000-24000RPM, 0.8kW water cooled


    Current settings:

    P100 (Acceleration): 2 seconds
    P101 (Deceleration): 2 seconds
    P133 (Drive Min speed): 133 Hz
    P134 (Drive Max speed): 400 Hz
    P156 (Rated Speed Overload Current): 5.5A
    P157 (50% Speed Overload Current): 5.5A
    P158 (20% Speed Overload Current): 5.5A
    P223 (Direction): 1 (forward)
    P400 (Motor Rated voltage): 220 V
    P401 (Motor rated current): 5A
    P402 (Motor rated speed): 24,000 RPM
    P403 (Motor rated freq.): 400 Hz

    When drive is enabled, motor turns at very slow rate of speed (~550-600 RPM) and immediately throws an A046 (motor overload alarm) and if you let it continue to run it will throw a F072 (motor overload fault) after about 30 seconds.

    Video of spindle run: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MDO...ew?usp=sharing

    The most likely issue seems to be incorrect settings in the VFD... but it could be a spindle issue, or ?

    Help, thoughts, anything is much appreciated.

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    Re: WEG CFW300 VFD + KL-800 water cooled spindle settings

    Problem solved...

    Setting max voltage and frequency sets the 100% point on the V/f curve - but doesn't adjust any of the other points.

    50% voltage at 30Hz, and 100% voltage at 60Hz will definitely cause overload.


    P145 (Field Weakening frequency): 400 Hz
    P146 (Intermediate frequency): 200 Hz

    ...and everything appears to be working well.

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