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    Weldon Spindle assembly help

    I have two (2) weldon endmill sharpeners that a highschool robotic team students dissembled to "see" how they worked. I need to reassemble them. The bearing has been removed from the frame. I had five (5) other spare bearings which they mixed up with the originals. Is there a way to reassemble these things ?

    I've heating the outer bearing to about 120 degrees with no joy. I'm not sure how hot I can get them or if this is the correct way to get them back together. Are they lapped to the spindle and only fit the original pair ?

    thx for any suggestions


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    Re: Weldon Spindle assembly help

    I got both of them back together. The size of each spindle is a slightly different size by seven (7) tenths. The two sizes I have are 2.1881 and 2.1888. The sleeves are between 2.1573 and 2.1103. Two (2) sleeves are about 0.003 larger than the spindles which was a tight fit.

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