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    What are the best CNC schools in the United States?

    Hello everyone I am a new member on here looking for information to better my life.
    I was looking at trades to make a career out of, for myself and future family I would like to have. I am 27 years old, but feel the need to better myself.

    What I am looking for;
    1) What are the top schools for CNC in the united states? Being that I am willing to move to learn from the best.
    2) I understand that when I am done with school or apprenticeship I will need to find work. How hard is it to find work in this field?
    3) As I know I will be a young gun in this field. What companies would be the best to look at when wanting to learn from very best.

    Any information would really help me in this dream. I know there will be a lot of hard work and dedication that will be needed for this, but I want a better life for myself, then what I see.

    Thank you for your time.


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    I started at the same age as you. Do you have shop experience otherwise? Every shop will tell you they will teach you everything. If you have the opportunity, get training!! Mori Seiki in chicago or Okuma in Carolina have great training facilities. Learn from the best. In virginia there is the brand new facility partnered by rolls royce, the universities , and some tooling companies. Get in there! Once your ready, work for the best, rolls, mori, okuma, haas, its endless. Depends on what you end up really liking, there is so much diversity in machining itself. Turning, milling, grinding, programming, robotics.

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    Visit this website for a list of all CNC schools. Theonlineschools.org

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    If you ever get a chance to go, make it a point to try and get into one of the Fanuc training programs. FANUC America Corporation They offer everything from Macro programming to robotic. If you get that under your belt, you will be light years ahead of everyone. Mori on demand is another great program. The only on line course certified NIMS. And they offer eveything from Mori machines and platforms to AME21 courses. ToolingU is another good one. Spend the money for any of these and you wont be disappointed.

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    hands down, without a doubt , i have been to 2 others.....the best in alabama is shelton state in tuscaloosa alabama........associate in cnc.....absolutely the best instructors and the most helpful,,,,i decided to pursue my passion at 43........finally figured out what i wanted to do when i grew up......lol!.....just a few semesters left1

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    Re: What are the best CNC schools in the United States?

    I migrated from the east coast to go to school in the Midwest. been exposed to people from all over. Anyone from the Midwest who actually went to school from an accredited College teaching Machine Tool Technology would agree they have some of the best schools. The heartland of the country has the best training, it has to , that's where all the best manufacturing takes place!

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