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View Poll Results: What machines are in your home hobby shop?

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  • Metal Cutting Lathe

    447 72.68%
  • Knee Mill

    334 54.31%
  • Surface Grinder

    121 19.67%
  • Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    361 58.70%
  • Drill Press

    492 80.00%
  • Wood Machines only

    138 22.44%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jun 2005

    Cool What machines are in your home hobby shop?

    What machines are in your home hobby shop?

    Bridgeport Clone, Metal Bandsaw, 14x40 Engine Lathe, 7" Pedistal Grinder, 6:x12" Manual Surface Grinder, Floor Stand Drill Press, 1-Ton Arbor Press, Oxy-Acetylene with B-Tanks, Finished homemade CNC Router, all in a 9'x25' space!
    It's not what you take away, it's what you are left with that counts!

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    Aug 2004
    Mill Drill, Lathemaster 8x14, Chop Saw, Mitre Saw, Table Saw, Wood Bandsaw, Metal Bandsaw, Hobart Handler MIG, Air Compressor, Wood Planer, Vacumn Caster, Centrifical Caster, Wood Router, CNC Router in Progress and all the accessories that go with all this activity (Acetylene Torch, Plumber's Torch).

    Oops forgot, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, VOMs, etc.

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    Jun 2005


    It's too bad these dang polls only give 6 (SIX) choices!

    It would make them more accurate if they had more!

    It's not what you take away, it's what you are left with that counts!

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    Community Moderator ger21's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Table Saw, wood bandsaw, drill press, wood jointer and planer, wood lathe, 12" disc sander with 6x48 belt, spindle sander, unfinished cnc router.

    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

    JointCAM - CNC Dovetails & Box Joints

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Feb 2005
    Small wood band saw, small drill press, small metal cutting saw, and cnc router.

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    Mar 2005
    yeah, its a disease. 13/36 lathe, xlo mill, drill press, surface grinder, t&c grinder, shear, arbor press, horizontal bandsaw, compressor, bench grinders, belt sander, O/A & stick welder, and not much space left in a two car garage. still need to collect electronics stuff and woodworking, lack of space is saving me from acquiring more!

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    May 2005
    well, if i had answered this 2 days ago I wouldn't have been able to check anything! Thankfully I just bought a $120 craftsman drill press
    router finally being built!
    y axis done!
    hobbycnc controller done!
    ...mounting nsk rails and thk rail. aligning leadscrews

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    Oct 2004
    CNC, drill press, metal lathe, routers, air compressor, RF 1.2 Gig Signal Generator, waveform generator, dummy load, transistor checker, oscilliscope, table saw, router table, SWR meter, 2 scroll saws, sweep generator, and some other stuff.


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    Nov 2005
    Retro CNC Tree Mill,Bridgeport manual Mill,Pratt-Whitney 12X36 type C lathe, 17X60 LeBlond Regal Lathe,PowerMatic 24" Verticle Band Saw,9X16 Delta band saw,Miller 172 Mig, Miller 2060 Plasma,3/4 hp polisher, table saw,radial arm saw,Snap On "Taco Stand" bottom box ,side box and top box,engine stands,engine hoists,home built engine test stand w/hydraulic load pump and heat exchanger.Most tools are old, well cared for ,and functional.All were made in the USA (that tells you their age) .Our childern will have one heck of a garage sale someday.

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    Aug 2004
    Allright Adobe Machine...nice selection of tools.....well the problem is the kids will most likely not know the value of any of our machines and will sell them for pennies on the dollar once we are history......

    Are you in New Mexico?

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    Oct 2005
    Bridgeport series I, Southbend 16 x 42 with taper attachement etc, MIG, TIG, Oxy/acet rigs, drill press, full Gerstner 26" box and base of T&D tools, full roll around mech tool boxes, 4.5' x 6' weldng table, 6" Wilson vise, floor drill press, pedastel tool grinder (with diamond wheel), bench grinder.

    Building a CNC Mill/drill table, future wants are a small surface grinder, Kurt 6" vise, and press.

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    Mar 2004
    Ok,....Now everyone respond with your exact locations, and where the spare keys are kept

    Let's see, unfinished cnc,2 robots, slew of electronic and automation parts,PLC's, Mill,drill,grinder,table saw,Chop saw,metal bender,Mig welder,bench sander.
    My next purchase will be a lathe or metal band saw

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