Hi all,

Newbie here. I'm working with Fusion and a Shapeoko 4 XXL hoping to machine aluminum. I have the two bits in the subject - the Amana 51480-Z and 51402-Z - and am working my way through youtube learning how to do basic CAM.

I'm creating my own library of the bits I have and I was wondering if someone could shed light on when I'd use these two bits.

They're both upcut quarter inch diameter, single flute Z coated bits. Amana included them in a pack. One has a 3/4 flute length and the other is 5/8ths flute length. The longer flute bit (the 51480-Z) is 2.5 inches overall length.

So why include both in a pack? They're almost identical other than the 51480 having a longer cutting surface.

Any suggestions on when I'd use the shorter vs longer bit? I feel like I'm missing something here - some benefit that the shorter bit has vs the longer one. Perhaps stronger for deeper cuts and higher loading?