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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > Where to start with flood cooling on a DIY CNC
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    Where to start with flood cooling on a DIY CNC

    So for my DIY router CNC (a PrintNC specifically) for better or worse I want to have a flood cooling system. My table/enclosure is partially finished welded together so it was necessary to make some slight modifications to seal it up with sheet metal.

    Basically I have next to zero knowledge on these systems but want to at least get the bulk of the enclosure right the first time and have less scrap metal to cut out in the future.

    See the video I’ve put together going my idea of a flood cooling enclosure. Check the chapters to skip around because I don’t expect anyone to sit through me rambling for 15 min.

    Are there any good defacto resources or starting places online for learning all this stuff. Good DIY examples, major components, operating, maintenance, useful setup tips in linuxcnc etc?

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    Re: Where to start with flood cooling on a DIY CNC

    Exit filter to catch chips and return pipe going back into tank.
    Is a good place to start planning.

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