I've been using Chinese endmills off Aliexpress for a while now with great results. These for the 4mm single flute hole making up to 10mm two flute extra long with a flute length of 45mm. All ok. Cheap.

I also have been using some local supplied 8mm to 14mm 2 flute end mills. The 14mm I think is about my limit, any larger my machine might not be rigid enough. The 8mm 2 flute I have, has a 15mm flute length, with a wasted portion of the shank up to 50mm good for a deep cut but tends to sing a bit giving a slightly chattering finish on the side. If it was 10mm might be an improvement but I was just quoted NZ$150.

Keen to know your favorite endmills you are using for alloy? I think for me something at 10mm with a decent bit of length would be nice. I am looking at spending around $100 so am keen to hear some advice or what works for you.

I know all machines are different. Would be good all the same. Tell me which endmill you would shed a tear over if you crashed it into your vice jaws. B

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