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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion > Which laser cutting wedding cards can get good quality and high efficiency?
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    Talking Which laser cutting wedding cards can get good quality and high efficiency?

    Every laser can cut paper, but at the same time paper is also one of the most difficult materials to work .

    The laser beam will essentially burn and evaporate the material leaving black carbon dust on the edges.
    That will make the edges appear dark and if you touch them you may spread the dust over the clean surface therefore make the paper products look dirty and messy...

    Firstly , the quicker you can cut through, the less chance of burning.
    The way to limit this problem is to run the laser beam with the highest stable-speed so it can penetrate the material but build less carbon on the edges. The maximum stable-speed varies greatly from machine to machine and unfortunately this most important parameter is never listed on the standard machine specifications. If you run the machine pass its stable limits the cut edges will be jagged/ridged/rough.
    The maximum stable-speed will depend mostly on the machine mechanical construction, quality of the components and the type of motors used. As you may guess for high-stable speed you will need expensive construction. Now many factories use XY gantry laser machines to cut paper , but because its speed is too slow , usually it is not over 2000mm/s, So it still have dark/black/yellow on the cutting edges , If your clients requirement is not higher , this models will be suitable for you . But who will buy a invitation cards with dirty looking ? So the important is up the speed , which use galvo scanner to up the speed, usually some Chinese galvo can do that , but not very stable and also not very fast . As i know the American CTI galvo scanner is perfect, which normal speed is 4000-7000mm/s , ultra fast , so it can make the laser just cut the paper without any yellow or black edges . It just needs about 7-10 seconds to cut one wedding cards, so one day one machine can cut about 6000 pcs cards with high quality .

    Secondly , it is the selection of the laser source (tube). There are 2 types used for paper: Radio Frequency (RF) metal tubes or general Glass tubes. The glass tube technology is significantly cheaper but it has some very unpleasant side effects when working with paper. The ignition power is often higher than what necessary for cutting paper and the power will vary greatly during the cutting. The result will be uneven cut lines with darker (burned) areas and lighter or even uncut areas. The RF tubes are the better choice for cutting paper because they don't have any of these issues. Also many factories use glass tube to do that , but because glass tube laser beam spot is bigger and also the response time is slow , so the cutting quality is not good, yellow and dirty cutting edge, and not smooth . So the import metal tube is good choice . Just the cost is higher, but luckily some chinese RF metal tube is better and better .

    Thirdly , the smoke exhaust is very important. If the exhausting power is not stronger , the smoke will make the cutting edge yellow or dark . And the work table deepthness also need to not less 15cm , If not enough , the laser will burn the waste paper cutting pieces.
    Also the paper cards bottom should be empty , If it is honeycomb worktable , it will reflect the laser to make the cards backside appear black dots and so on .

    Now also have the camera-controlled systems on the laser cutting machines . They are essential if you plan to work with printed paper. With the help of the camera the machine will accurately detect the printed graphics or the edges of the paper-sheets and align the cutting accordingly. As I know Argus Laser already have this CCD laser marking machines , which can cut printing paper cards and stickers and so on . Last year i saw our UK client use this model to cut their package stickers .

    By the way , selecting the right paper is also very important. Some will cut cleaner then others.

    As i know , Argus laser have full experience on the wedding invitation cards and pop up cards laser cutting machines . They did this since 1998, now they are leader in these fields . Many clients factories use their machines, such as Aisa biggest wish cards factory have 40 sets of their machine , very amazing for their workshop .

    There has our Co2 Dynamic Laser cutting wedding cards video , 150*200mm 250gsm , just 7 seconds .

    This text's core is comes from Mr.Storen text in this forum, because he is very professional on paper material laser cutting process. And as we are a professional laser machines manufacturer, we did these machines since 1998, and now about 80% of wedding cards, pop up cards factories use our models in China and Oversea . so we know this machine technology and market very well , then in order share and exchange knowledge , i use it without Mr.Storen's permission.
    Sorry for Mr.Storen. Many thanks for your sharing .

    This is Mr.Storen text :

    Thank you very much , Mr.Store.
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    Re: Which laser cutting wedding cards can get good quality and high efficiency?

    Kelvin, Kelvin... So you decided to copy text from my original post and put your name under it...
    I know Chinese have little respect for authorship and copyright but posting my text with your name in the very same board is just brutal.
    Do you think this is a good way to promote yourself and your brand??? How stupid you have to be?

    If you have a little respect for this community you should delete your post immediately!
    In the civilized world if you want to use someone else's material you ask for permission or at least mention the source...
    Often I have the feeling the Chinese sales reps such yourself are appointed via competition for mentally incapacitated.

    Link to the original discussion: Buying machine for cutting paper - need advice

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    Hi Mr.Storen ,

    Yes , i copy your text without your permission, that is my fault , sorry for that .

    Your text is so fantastic , Could you tell me how many years you do laser machines business, you know so much about this paper cutting machine , such as metal tube, galvo scanner , paper and so on . This is the best text describe paper cards laser cutting machines what i ever seen, also it is unique in the world. So i use it and forget to get your permission. And as a professional laser machines manufacturer which special for the wedding cards , Pop up cards laser cutting machines , i also make your text more completely and more deeper. such as the worktable, exhausted system and so on . Because i think this forum is for share and exchange knowledge , and also let more people know your professional .

    So sorry for you , and could i get your permission about this text , and i will improve this text , and tell people i use your source.

    Also hope we can become good friends , i also can study from you like a student study from teacher .

    Warm regards, and many thanks .


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    Re: Which laser cutting wedding cards can get good quality and high efficiency?

    Truth be told, I like with what diligence and carefulness you make those wedding cards. I will be honest with you, I was the same when planning my wedding ceremony. It took me two weeks to choose the restaurant and the wedding cake. I don't even want to talk about the tuxedo. It took me more than a month to select the perfect tuxedo. If anyone is interested, I bought the tuxedo that I was wearing at my wedding from https://www.gentlemansguru.com/produ...wedding/groom/. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is so careful with his wedding.

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