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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > Whoops! ... Our Mistake! ... We Are So Very Sorry!
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    Whoops! ... Our Mistake! ... We Are So Very Sorry!

    Oh Darn... and I thought they were just sending me free stuff to support my YouTube Channel. I'm upto like 11 followers already and its only been ten years.

    LOL. So who else received shipping notifications for stuff they already received weeks ago. I saw what it was and smiled since I knew I already had it, but it was nice of them to send out the second notice.
    Bob La Londe

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    Oct 2017

    Re: Whoops! ... Our Mistake! ... We Are So Very Sorry!

    Me too. My order was for four drill chuck arbors. Would have been nice to get 4 more for free.


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    Re: Whoops! ... Our Mistake! ... We Are So Very Sorry!

    Yup, got a notice about some shear hog inserts in one email. No big deal there. The shocker was that they were sending me another servo kit! I feel a bit bad for Megan in sales. I suspect her whole afternoon was spent answering calls like mine to make sure there wasn't about to be another big charge on my credit card. I'm pretty sure I was calm and friendly but I imagine some people may not have been. Especially those who just ordered a machine recently!

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    Re: Whoops! ... Our Mistake! ... We Are So Very Sorry!

    I got my email, but it was sent to my spam folder. I didn't see it before I saw the "Sorry" email, otherwise, I might have been a bit worried.

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