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    Why did this defect on occur ?

    I'm relatively new to 3D printing. Done quite a bit over the past month or so but am still learning setting etc.

    The item in the attached photo was printed on my FlashForge Adventurer 3 printer.

    95°C bed temperature
    135°C nozzle
    .4mm first layer
    No raft

    As you can see in the photo the bottom layer(s) moved during the 2.5 hour build. I think it was probably caused by my increase of the first layer from .28mm to .4mm but would like to hear what others think. Bed too hot perhaps for such a long construction time?


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    Re: Why did this defect on occur ?

    Often, a print's https://bestsublimationsprinter.com/...for-beginners/ initial base layer is programmed with extrusion rates greater than 100% in an effort to ensure the part adheres to the bed. The result is an initial base layer that's wider than designed.

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