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    Will it manage?

    Hello all,

    I want to buy a 3040 chinese cnc to cut 10mm aluminium to rim hub rings. Is it possible with this macine?

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    Re: Will it manage?

    It's possible but not particularly practical. As I understand it, to mill aluminum you will have to at a minimum modify the machine so it's a bit more capable.

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    Re: Will it manage?

    The short answer is no, 3040 is not adequate for cutting 10mm aluminum.

    It is _technically_ possible, if you don't mind spending several hours spraying WD-40 and listening to loud screeching noises. That's just to make one part. And the part will have lousy finish and wide tolerances. And the "spindle" - I use this term loosely - will be trashed before you complete one set of rings.

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