We have two Hurcos that were bought new in 2010/2011.

Both have an intermittent issue of locking up when loading NC programs. We used to load programs from usb pendrives, and occasionally the control would lock up during the "Reading program into memory" process.

Recently I wired both for ethernet in the hopes that it would avoid this problem, however the problem remains with ethernet. VERY occasionally it will throw an "out of memory" error, but most often it just locks up. These are not necessarily large programs, and we do not keep lots of programs on the machine in memory.

It appears to be related, if anything at all, to how long the control has been on for between restarts, like a memory leak or something.

However, while the older machine (VMX64) has been doing this for a long time, years at least, the newer machine (DCX32) has only started doing it recently, which makes me hesitant to believe that it's a software issue.

The controls are completely solid otherwise, so I'm also hesitant to believe that it's a hardware issue like failing caps making the cpu unstable or something.

Can anyone shed any light on this?