Hi Folks,

I'm trying to recover a Concept Turn 155 from a failed hard drive. I was able to get everything reinstalled except the Sinumerik version of WinNC. I have been trying to get help from Emco, but ifter weeks of back and forth, I'm not getting anywhere with them providing me with the license key for WinNC. The machine was used and only came with some of the documentation. The machine came with both the Fanuc 21 and Sinumerik 810/840 panels and had both versions of WinNC installed prior to the drive crapping out. In the docs, I only see license keys for the Fanuc machine and offline sim and the Siemens offline sim. I can't find the machine license and Emco keeps waffling around, in one email saying that I need to get a license from Siemens and in the next saying that its not a Siemens control. I have the MSD files and Fanuc 21 version of WinNC reinstalled and working, but much prefer using the Siemens control interface instead.

I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could share where I might find the machine license key that was manufacturer preinstalled (common license, registered directly to Emco Maier, Columbus OH as shown on the WinNC startup screen) to reinstall the Sinumerik WinNC control? Feel free to DM me.