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    Wire EDM Compensation

    Good Afternoon,

    Wondering what the thought is on wire compensation " Cutter Comp "
    Do you use the compensation in the machine or on the computer,

    What is best practice?

    We have ran into restart issues with the program getting shifted with machine comp.

    Our CNC Department runs with Computer compensation only.

    Thanks for Feedback


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    Re: Wire EDM Compensation

    it'd be niceif you mentioned the make of the machine. We run Sodicks. The cutter comp values come from the tech filles that come with the machine. You can't just set these arbitraily, those settings are a integral part of holding size, not breaking wire, etc. Some wire cam programs do have the machine tech files loaded from the manufacturer, and will pos them in the header file with the g code

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    Re: Wire EDM Compensation

    This was a general question if it is the norm.

    We have sodick as well as fanuc.

    Fanuc has AI Corner control so to use the feature you need to use the machine comp.

    Trying to get the boss to understand as the CNC department runs with all comp in the computer.

    We use BobCam
    We have hard copies of cutting data and i am looking to put them all in the database


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    Re: Wire EDM Compensation

    For wire I'm pretty sure the majority of people are using the machine comp. It makes more sense on a mill to let the computer do it as you have all different size tools. Not so on the wire machine. I have a Makino and run BobCAD, and I ended up entering all the power settings + offsets in the database and it has worked really well, it call up the power settings and offsets automatically.

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