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    Wiring Between AXBB-E Contoller Board (running UCCNC) and SUNFAR E550 VFD

    I am building a 4 foot by 8 foot hobby CNC machine.

    At present I am trying to operate the 2.4KW Spindle via UCCNC. I have tested the Spindle operation through the integrated VFD panel and it operates properly so I know the power wiring between the VFD and Spindle is correct. I have not been successful in operating the Spindle via UCCNC.

    Some reference materials:

    1. I am using an ethernet motion controller: AXBB-E with a recent version of UCCNC.

    Link to UCCNC manual: https://www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC/UCCNC_usersmanual.pdf
    Link to AXBB_E manual: https://www.cncdrive.com/downloads/AXBB_E_manual.pdf

    2. I am using a Sunfar E550 VFD: E550-2S0037L. This is rated for 3.7KW and operates at 220V Single Phase Power

    Link to VFD manual: https://purelogic.ru/docs/elektronik..._manual_ru.pdf

    There are hundreds of VFD configurations and I am showing the ones I believe are important:

    F0.00 Frequency Input Channel: 1(for External analogue operation)
    F0.02 Running Command Channel and Mode: 1001
    F0.03 Lower Limiting Freq: 5 Hz
    F0.04 Upper Limiting Freq: 400 Hz
    F0.05 Acceleration Time: 10 sec
    F0.06 Decelaration Time: 10 sec
    F0.07 Acceleration Characteristic: 1 (S Curve)
    F0.08 Carrier Frequency: 8 Khz
    F0.12 Basic Running Frequency: 400 Hz
    F0.13 Maximum Output Voltage: 220 Volts
    F0.14 Jog Acceleration Time: 5 sec
    F0.15 Jog Deceleration Time: 5 sec
    F1.00 AI input lower limiting voltage: 0V (Analogue Input)
    F1.01 AI input upper limiting voltage: 10V (Analogue Output)
    F1.03 Minimum Set Frequency: 5 Hz
    F1.04 Maximum Set Frequency: 400 Hz
    F1.08 Function Selection of input terminal: 11 Terminal (X1 11 = Forward)
    F1.09 Function Selection of input terminal: 12 Terminal (X2: 12 = Reverse)

    3. The Spindle is a JGL-100/2.5R24. This is a water cooled, pneumatic tool change spindle rated at 2.5KW with max RPM at 24000 at 400 HZ.

    What I have tested:

    1. O7 on the UCCNC has been confirgured for FWD motion of spindle. When UCCNC calls for FWD motion the O7 LED on the AXBB-E board lights up and the circuit O7 to 5V0 is closed. When no FWD call the LED is off and the circuit between 07 to 5V0 is open. Similar operation for O8 which is configured for REV motion.

    2. When the Spindle is set to 12000 RPM the AOI pin to GND pin measures 5V and this increases to 10V when the Spindle is set to 24000 RPM. The Analogue signal appears to be sending correctly.


    I am unsure of how to connect control wiring between UCCNC and the VFD Control terminal. Especially how to wire to the CM terminal. I have attached a wiring diagram. Have tried different things but nothing seems to work. Looking for guidance.

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