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Thread: work offsets

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    Angry work offsets

    we have a Haas vf 4ss which we received from another site that is closing. I have never used a Haas before and watched a lot of videos on how to operate the machine, the issue I am having is I use the probe to set my work offsets and the tool probe (WIPS) to set the length of the tools the same way as I do on a mazak 510 with heidenhain control but when I come to run the program for the part I am making ( we use NCG cam for one off parts) the tools either look like they are going to crash into the part or is cutting fresh air. Seems like it is not allowing for differences in the lengths of the each tool and the probe.

    any help would be greatly appreciated as every video I have watched with regards to work offsets and the probing system you just run the probe to set your datums X,Y,Z and just run your program.

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    Re: work offsets

    Post your code, there may be something there, or calibration may have to be redone. If the tools are off the same amount calibration is needed otherwise it's most likely in the code.

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