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    X2 motor specs for upgrade?

    There are tons of threads about upgrades but I have yet to find basic specs of top speed and power (or torque) of the stock motor or upgrades. I have access to various kinds of motors and controls so just need to know what I am looking for. I want to use a X2 spindle assembly on a mill of similar size that has a very weak spindle system. Seems that the X2 basic spindle assembly less motor is reasonably priced and uses standard R8 tooling that would be useful when I get a larger machine. Plan to go with the belt drive mod. What size, weight, RPM and power motor should I be looking for? I want to mill steel but don't need to go super fast. I could go induction motor and run the frequency above base speed or use a PM servo type motor.

    - I did find numbers - but many of them don't agree so not sure which ones to believe...

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    Re: X2 motor specs for upgrade?

    I recently came across a company converting sx2 it looks like they are using 3000rpm bldc 750w motors not sure if thats any help to you. you can visit their website maybe inquire axyzmachines.com

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