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    Xilog Maestro - 3 questions

    Hello people.
    I have two questions, but first I'll explain some details.
    The machine I'm working with is SCM Morbidelli Author m400. The softwere I'm using is Xilog Maestro and Xilog Plus.
    1. Can I use more then one drill bits at a time ? I mean drilling 3 or more holes with distance, the distance between the bits(32mm) in the same time ? // in Maestro //
    2. The second question is about same thing. Can I do that in MSL (Maestro Scripting Language) ? // in macros for Maestro //
    3. Since I have not enough time to experiment with Maestro at work, I installed it at my personal computer. Everything works fine, but I have a problem- I can't import the def.tlg and def.tlgx files in Maestro ( the files which contains the information about my tools). Is that because I have not installed Xilog Plus at my personal computer or what ? Any ideas ?

    Thanks for any help

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    Service SCM BR
    Hello Dear colleague.
    Answering your questions.

    1 - The activation of multiple spindles only occurs when inside the register of the fixed tools that are inside the DEF.
    You declare that a given spindle is symmetrical in X with another spindle.
    However this is only practical and functional when doing a repeated program with many time.
    Because when you change programs that do not have a multiple you will not have the versatility, that is the difference of a work center compared to a multi drill (like Zenith-Morbidelli).

    Example: Let's say inside spindle 10 and 11. You declare that 10 is symmetric with 11 and vice versa.
    But both should have both tools equal in both diameter and length.
    When you create a program where there are two holes with a distance of 32mm and with the same diameter and the machine is already close to the origin of this holes, both mandrels will be thrown together and you will have the holes made simultaneously.

    However, Service SCM BR sees no advantage in this procedure because the time difference will be a few seconds and the time to configure and register the tools will be much greater.

    2 - You can do this in any program source (CAD-CAM, Maestro, Xilog and etc). Because the drives will be done by the machine and not by the program.

    For the Xilog Plus you can make the activation of two spindle simultaneously independent of the tools using the function
    XB and in T = 12,11 (always declaring in the descending order of the tools)

    The same can be done with XG0 T = 201,101 when the machine has 2 electrospindle

    3 - For you to import and export you must have installed Maestro is Xilog Plus.
    But to just copy no.
    Just copy the TLGX folder from the machine and paste it into the copy of your PC.

    Sorry for English (Google translator)
    I hope I have helped with your questions.

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    Re: Xilog Maestro - 3 questions

    Hello Service SCM BR. Thank you very much for the information ! I am just not sure what you mean in your answer number 3. Correct me if I'm wrong : I must have Xilog Plus (installed... not just copied) and then I have to copy/paste the tlgx folder ? Yes ? I tried to copy/paste the tlgx folder but it doesn't work. If I understand you correctly, I must find Xilog Plus installation. Thank you again.

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    Service SCM BR

    Re: Xilog Maestro - 3 questions

    Hello, Moschino.
    When I referred to import or export, this procedure is done inside the Xilog Maestro.
    However, in order to perform this procedure, the two software packages are required.
    When you only have Maestro and need the tools (def.tlgx) you can not perform the import or export procedure.

    And yes you should copy the file inside the tlgx folders of the machine and paste inside the tlgx folders of your Personal Computer.
    Only in this way will you have the tools register also on your PC besides the machine. Understood?

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    Re: Xilog Maestro - 3 questions

    Yes ! Thank you again

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