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    Xilog/maestro issue

    Hi, Many of you might have seen this post under Vectric, but I haven't got any functioning answers so far, and since the problem is not in the Aspire PP but rather in the conversion from Maestro I'll try my luck here.
    I have a problem running aspire on my SCM pratix S12.As seen in the videoclip there is an extra z movment in between two toolpaths, there is, in the ISO-file produced by MAESTRO a couple of rows that is + or - 140 mm, these rows are not in the XXL file produced by my Aspire postprocessor. Most likely these movements are added somewhere in the translation process XXL>PGM>PGMX>ISO but I cant figure out where it come from. I tried to attach the XXL/ISO files but I dont know if I succeeded.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
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