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    Xilog plus error

    Machine model TECH99L ESA K6
    s/n AL104042

    1. I run PanelMac (Xilog Plus) on the PC, when the programm boots up,I get this error code
    Except [24,6]- NCI(1-6) : Reading an invalid item
    (see pic_1)
    2. Clik <OK> on Messages error window and get Automatic mode, and get Alarm CN1012 : ? ( see pic_2)
    3. Click on menu item Calibration, machine run and after finish I get pic_3
    4. Click on menu item MDI , I get this error code
    Except [25,5]-NCI(14-6) : Communication failure with CNC !
    (see pic_4)
    Can You help me ? Any suggestion ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pic_1.jpg   pic_2.jpg   pic_3.jpg   pic_4.jpg  

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    Re: Xilog plus error

    Call SCM?

    I've never seen that particular error.

    Once in a while I get the "lost connection", and restarting the software always reconnects.

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    Re: Xilog plus error

    I HAVE SCM TECH Z2 serial number is AA1/017045
    I get this error code Except [25,5]-NCI(14-6) : Communication failure with CNC ! ON XILOG SOMEONE HELP ME

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