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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > CNC Machining Centers > Xilog plus program graphics and new file issue.
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    Xilog plus program graphics and new file issue.

    Hello, i am new to the cnc world. I finished a practical course on cnc wood milling and studied for xilog software. Im using a 2nd hand bought machine that camefrom germany and has pretty much most of the new macros done in german. I was meddling with a some macros and turned out it messed with the xilog config. The option to bringa new file to the work table now comes with less options, can't define work area (A;I;AD;IL) and the initial window that appeared now is just ignored upon creating a new file. Also, the Program graphics button now open that same window that is missing, instead of just letting me see the program 2D display. Any help?

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    Re: Xilog plus program graphics and new file issue.

    Hi, You can get the options back by recovering the old file. Also try to change the language and check if you get back the options. If i understand correctly you are unable to get the options (see attached pic).

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