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    Y axis Mirror Vertical Adjustment

    Greetings, Im looking for a little bit of advise with aligning the mirrors of my laser.

    I have spent a few days and many hours learning the alignment, and i have had some good success so far, The only adjustment i cannot get any results from is the Y axis mirror 3 furthest from the laser.

    I can get mirror 2 to align just fine, but on the opposite side of mirror 3, there is always a small vertical gap.

    I thought adjusting the laser tube could possibly change the results, but no matter what adjustments i make with it, the vertical distance doesn't change.

    Has anyone had this problem before? i cannot seem to find any information online about it.

    3 out of the 4 corners for mirror 3 are hitting the same spot, and i can get them to the center of the laser head fine. That last corner is giving me grief.

    Would love a helping hand if possible. Thank-you
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    Re: Y axis Mirror Vertical Adjustment

    There should be no problem aligning your laser as long as the X and Y axis’s are in a plane. Your photos don’t appear however it won’t align if the two Y axis rails are not in a flat plane. Or they are bowed or bent. Keep in mind that the laser beam doesn’t have to strike the mirror in the exact same spot. The beam just has to make it to the work from the lens, over the entire bed. If the machine is tuned it shouldn’t take long to align it.

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