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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines > YAM Ck ? from 1991 Turret issue when changing tools
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    YAM Ck ? from 1991 Turret issue when changing tools


    We have a Yam Ck from 1991 i think, dont know if its 1 2 3 etc since we dont have any numbers on it. It uses Fanuc t15.

    I was using the machine after just sitting for 1-2 years. When i was making a measure cut i pressed on the wrong button and activated the turrent. Changing tool while cutting I hit the emergency button and stopped the machine. i was smoking from the tool holder and i destroyed the tool.

    After that the machine have problems changing tools.

    If i turn the turrent by pressing the button it goes round and it stops like it should, then the turrent goes back into position and then it starts to beep. The turrent looks like its on the correct place and if i shut down the hydraulic and start it again the alarm is gone.

    I can't see any damages on the turrent.

    Is it a senor for position

    I dont have any drawing on the electrics or mechanics on the machine. Only on fanuc system and parameter

    BTW the seller told me that yam is a copy of mori seki. is this correct.

    best regards

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    Re: YAM Ck ? from 1991 Turret issue when changing tools

    Problem Solved

    When I hit the emergency button the revolver was unclamped prepared for changing tool. The revolver got stuck in the part while the gearbox was moving. After restarting the machine the revolver went back to clamp posision but not on the right spot. It was between gears.

    So now we tried to change the tool and when it went out to unclamp position we hit the emergency button and then i could move the revolver 1 step back to the right position. then i restarted the machine and it wored

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