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    yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md


    I bought a yang svm 1000 cnc machine with fanuc 0md controller.
    the parameter on this machine was lost, fortunately i had the original full parameter list for my cnc.
    so To mack sure every thing is correct i first deleted every thing by pressing (cycle power + Reset +Delete) to clear every thing on the machineand this is the result as in picture 1

    After clearing every thing i entered the 900 parameters manually, then i used the "cimco edit" to send all the parameters.
    When transmission completed i restated the cnc and checked all the parameters one by one.
    After checking i found that 6000 and 8000 parameters are missing so i re transmit all the parameters again and restarted the machine

    finally i compared all the parameters of the machine with the parameter file
    all the parameters was entered correctly, i checked them more than 3 times and one by one.

    but the machine didn't work and didn't show any error as in the following picture

    my machine has 4 servo drivers for x,y,x and the 4th axes but i don't have the 4th axes, could this be the reason for the error

    how could i solve this problem, or at lest know the error when the alarm screen is empty and no error is displayed
    I really need your help, please help me :drowning:

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    Re: yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md

    I am a real newbie on this control, but you have a "Not Ready" message on the screen.I am just starting to use it on a yang smv 600. It could be something as simple as a door interlock sensor? Are the drives themselves showing any errors on the LED?

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    Re: yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md

    Dear Regina,

    Thank you for the reply, actually i checked every thing and all the cables, limit switches,encoders, and drivers but i didn't find any thing wrong
    I have another yang cnc machine that has the same model and same controller, what i want to know as a start is how can i fined what cause the not ready error
    the drivers and the spindle also showing not ready without error.
    the fanuc ladder is enabled on the cnc , can i know what cause the error from it
    any idea or comment may help me
    thanks for all

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    Re: yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md

    Is it just me or you don't have any lights on your drives? Check the 200 Volts at connector CX1A at the TOP Right of the power supply.

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    Re: yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md

    If this is what's shown on the screen now, you are missing NC and PMC (diagnostics) parameters. You will have to restore these first.

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    Re: yang smv 1000 with fanuc 0md

    Hello , do you still have the parameters for the machine please ?

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