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    Question Yasda-Fanuc 15MA Starting Problem

    Hello, my name is Salvador and I am from Mexico, I am new in the forum, I work as a maintenance engineer in a Japanese company.

    I have a problem with Yasda YB-850V year 1995 Fanuc 15MA control.

    When I turn it on for the first time, the following message appears:
    02: 5139: 01: 4045: 0011: 0094H581
    NMI ERROR (00185C): PC040

    After stay on for a while and restart appears the following message:
    M15M14 AA2RA
    SLOT06 (015C):

    The A16B-2200-0521 BASE0 card has the red LED number three on. (I haven't found the manual, so I don't know what the red LED on means).

    I have removed the card A16B-2200-0521 BASE0 and I suppose that the parameters have been erased, although before removing it I already had the previous message.

    I have tried to send the parameters again but when pressing keys 7 and 9 the machine does nothing and gives me no option.

    In Mexico it is expensive and difficult to get the A16B-2200-0521 BASE0 card, so first I would like to know your opinions.

    I hope you can help me!!!


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    Re: Yasda-Fanuc 15MA Starting Problem

    What is the part # of the BASE0 board?
    I can skype with you for more help.

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    Re: Yasda-Fanuc 15MA Starting Problem

    I solved the problem.

    1.- The problem was not the Base 0 board
    2.- Slot 6: referred to the RISC CPU board (it was damaged)
    3.- Fanuc quoted the RISC card at 25,000 USD (a lot of money)
    4.- A service company gave me the option to deactivate it (I chganged some parameters)
    5.- I removed the board but machine blocked at the beginning (it was a short circuit in a Relay)(SLC error 84 (00):PC050 alarm)
    6.- I changed Relay, I sent parameters and it worked perfectly.

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