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    Yasnac 3000G/wCRT won´t Boot

    Hello Forum Members

    I apologize if this is the wrong place where to post this thread.
    I have a Matsuura MC500V Mini Master with Yasnac 3000G with CRT display, Serial number 81082231.

    Machine has been in standby for six month and last week wanted to put it to work.

    On first push ON, I can see PBX relay click and NCM contactor engages. 2 second later, TM relay will click and Red LEDs at Boards at the CPU rack will light.
    However, at this point, No display shows at the CRT and no lights go on at NC keypad.
    On second push ON, nothing happens....No servo engagement... I can only see and hear PBX relay clicking.

    I have check all DC volts output from CPS-25 power supply with an Oscilloscope and they are OK and clean.

    From a past thread regarding a Yasnac 2000 that wont boot also (Thank you Freakycnc and Panzinod) I understand that CPS-25 power supply has a set of terminals marked OFF that wont allowed the Yasnac to boot.... Is this correct ? can someone confirm?

    Thank you in andvance for your help.

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    Re: Yasnac 3000G/wCRT won´t Boot

    Just to give a bit more information..... Last Wensday I check relay sequence at board JANCD-GTUOI... I found that relay LRD is not turning on, since signal LRD(active LOW) is not present.
    Could this be a sign of a bad CPU Board ? Does anybody knows from where is LRD signal coming from?

    Thanks for your help

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