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Thread: Your hobbies

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    Apr 2019

    Your hobbies

    It seems to me that you need to add a little frivolity here. What are your hobbies? Confess)) I like to fish in salt water and cook a little (according to my mood). What about you?

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    Mar 2020

    Re: Your hobbies

    My hobby is fishing. Last summer I went fishing and experienced a great danger. I didn't know how to catch a catfish. The catfish pierced my finger and I had a fever of about 102 degrees for two days. Since this is my hobby, I can not leave it.
    Afterward, I searched online for this issue and found nothing. Finally, I found an article written on this. I never thought i would find such an article on the internet, now i have a new hobby, And that is gathering such odd resources written on fishing.
    If any of you is interested in my finding you may check this article.

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    Jun 2020

    Re: Your hobbies

    I don’t have much time after studying to make my hobby any tangible. The maximum that I can now play online games or entertain myself with numerology like this - https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-811-meaning/ Almost all of my free time is spent studying the learning material. It may be easier next year. Need to ask the numbers))

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