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    z-axis brake not working

    Have a 3-axis router with all Yaskawa servos using WinCNC for the control. Only the z-axis servo has a brake.

    I was chasing down a repeated fault issue and somehow during the troubleshooting my 24v relay that turns power on and off to the axes got at least one wire disconnected. Right now it only has power coming in one side and the other side providing 24v to the servos. So basically the relay doesn't work at all and the servos are always on and the brake always off as long as the machine is turned on.

    So when I turn on my machine the z-axis brake doesn't work. And when I turn it off there is a delay so that the z-axis moves down about an inch before it stops (that's how long it takes to cut off power to the z-axis). And when I turn on my machine the z-axis just drops until it hits the table.

    For the relay to work it requires a 24v- (ground) to one of the terminals. I can do this by hand and it makes the relay activate and brakes the axis fine.

    So what machine/control wire(s) need(s) to be re-connected to ground the relay so it works to keep the z-axis brake on until the machine is commanded to make a move?

    Basically what I'm looking for is something that is 24V+ when the axis aren't moving and then when they are commanded to move it goes to 24V- and triggers the relay.

    Sorry, no wiring diagram. I'm hoping there is enough knowledge here about "generic" CNC control systems to let me find what I need to hook up.

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    Re: z-axis brake not working

    Looks like the brake is broken, if you have another motor with brake, you can replace it on and see if the problem still there.
    If the new motor's brake is working fine, that means the old motor brake is broken.

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    Re: z-axis brake not working

    The brake works just fine as does the relay. I just can't find the wire that should go to the relay to ground it when the axis isn't suppose to be moving. Suggestions?

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    Re: z-axis brake not working

    Might have something to do with CN1 terminals 29 and 30 (S-RDY) which are servo ready signals. The problem is that neither of the turn on and off 24v and the ohms don't change much between them (about 600 when the machine is on and about 1300 when it's off).

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