I have 2010 screenset, so i use initial auto zero tool and M6 T(#) for manual toolchange and tool zeroing. Everything works just fine so, I do an initial auto zero (it probes the plate on stock and then it probes fixed plate). After that Z soft zero is set to clearance plane so +10mm. Then i type M6 T2 (for example) into MDI. The tool goes to tool change position, i change the tool and then press cycle start. It auto zeroes the new tool and goes above the stock. The problem happens here. So After the tool change the new zeroed tool does not go to clearance plane +10mm BUT it sets the new plane to +9mm. When i type in MDI G1 Z0, the tool is 1mm above the stock(9mm soft Z problem). What could i do, i have already used macros for chinesse controllers so i dont really know what to do?
Thanks for help!!