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    Z axis problem

    Hi guys, i made my own cnc table router some time ago and now im try to make some cuts but i have problem with my Z axis. I made some face cutting on 650x650mm in Camworks, the program is looking fine the simulation is showing everithyng is fine but when i put my g code in Mach3 im starting the setup i find the edges on the stock the machine starts the code, the Z axis is going on the place where it should be but it goes few mm in the negative direction (some -5-7mm into the stock) and than it retracts to the position where it supposed to start the first cut -1.75mm from the top of stock. that move is not shown in the simulation is that some feature from mach3 or what im i doing wrong?

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    Re: Z axis problem

    This could be a problem with G28. It's not that G28 is evil but it depends on a machine having an established HOME position and a parameter in the control. The default parameter should be okay but when the operator is also the integrator who knows ? On my router I always HOME to an established machine origin at start-up and use work piece offsets (usually G54).
    I like this explanation:
    Of course you could also have a program without G28 and that's my preference.
    This may not be the problem in your case but it sure sounds familiar.
    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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