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    Z touch plate on a 3040

    Good morning everyone, I just got a Z touch off plate for a 3040 Chinese machine, am using Mach3 and am slightly confused....on the YOOCNC X4JKB bob there is two pins marked "probe". After looking around the internet, it appears that I need to solder one of the wires to the probe pin and the other to a ground. The instructions are vague and don't indicate where I should connect the hot wire, they make it sound that I need to solder to one of the unused parallel pins.

    If anyone can post a link for this particular set up or offer some simple info, I'd appreciate it very much.

    Have a great day!

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    Re: Z touch plate on a 3040

    I can't comment on your specific bob, I use a Mach3 screenset called 2010, and would highly recommend giving it a try. (The CNC Woodworker - Mach3 2010). The setup, setting and use are pretty simple and straightforward. It has the probe features built in and there are some tutorials there. The guy who made it is a forum member and very helpful. Otherwise, here's an instructable that may help Mach3 Zero Probe Tool
    If that doesn't help just do a little more searching for Z height touch probe wiring/schematic here on the forum, there's a lot of info on the subject.

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    Re: Z touch plate on a 3040

    Please attach some photos,so that others can help you better!

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    Re: Z touch plate on a 3040

    Bob......I have such a board....X4JKB.....but am looking for a schematic for it.....please advise where/how I get such a thing if u know....else I will (painfully) rev-eng it......if I have to do that I will post a PDF on this forum. Regards Graham Coast Electronic Components & Design Services

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