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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > Z wave axis will not fully retract in time before moving
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    Z wave axis will not fully retract in time before moving

    So out of the blue my z axis is not retracting fast enough to clear the cut before it goes to the next cut and its cutting my projects up. Ive cut this piece 20 times and all the sudden it starting doing this. Ive checked my steps. Ive checked my machine axis and my work axis. Ive checked my safe Z in vcarve. I am racking my brain trying to figure it out!
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    Re: Z wave axis will not fully retract in time before moving

    See if you're losing steps in Z by commanding a few moves and then a return to zero. Each move should complete before the next one is started, but if the Z axis isn't retracting to its clearance height that would account for it.
    Andrew Werby

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