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Cutting tools with integrated code

SkiveAll - Software zur Auslegung von Wälzschälprozessen

Power Skiving is a productive gear machining process with a specific cutting edge that combines the productivity of gear hobbing with the geometric flexibility of gear shaping. It is particularly suitable for internal toothing and for external toothed workpieces with interfering contours. At present, there is still little empirical knowledge available on the design of Power Skiving processes, as the process has only recently become available on the market. The design process can be supported by the use of a mathematical process model and user software. The process model for the SkiveAll software was developed at Fraunhofer IWU. It contains algorithms for the design of Power Skiving processes - from workpiece definition and kinematic design to the calculation of tool geometry and process analysis functions. The software has a modular structure; the central component is the design module.
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Prozessentwicklung Wälzschälen
Prozessentwicklung Wälzschälen
Cutting tool with integrated code
Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik
Cutting tools with integrated code
Prozessentwicklung Wälzschälen
Process and tool development

- Software-supported technology design: Calculation software SkiveAll

- Monitored, adaptive roller peeling process:
Online process monitoring
Continuous tool condition monitoring
Preparation, visualisation, situational recommendations for action
Intelligent process control

Your benefit

- Adaptive monitored roller peeling process

- target-oriented process parameters through software-supported technology design

- Reduced processing times and testing effort

- Minimum proportional tool costs

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