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Frech GmbH
Werderstrasse 82
74889 Sinsheim
+49 (0)7261-1011
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BYSTRONIC Xpert 4004100

Asking price

  • Reference number 1073-96524
    Manufacture Year 2017
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Pressbrakes
  • pressure
    400 t
    chamfer lenght
    4100 mm
    distance between columns
    3600 mm
    265 mm
    400 mm
    quantity of oil
    600 l
    total power requirement
    30 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    28,30 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    4,88 x 2,20 x 3,23 m
  • Max. Stop area X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 1,100 mm
    Method X-axis (2/4/5 axes) 700 mm
    max. speed X-axis (2/4/5-axis) 500 mm / s
    Accuracy X-axis (2/4/5-axis) 0.02 mm
    Method R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 250 mm
    Max. Speed ??R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 150 mm / s
    Accuracy R-axis (2/4/5 axes) 0.1 mm
    Method Z-axis 2,900 mm
    max.speed Z-axis (4/5 axes) 1.000 mm / s
    Max. Speed ??Z-axis (6 axes) 800 mm / s
    Max. Speed ??Z axis (6 axes) 1,890 in / min
    Accuracy Z axis (4/5 axes) 0.1 mm

    ByVision Bending operator terminal with 22 inch Full HD touchscreen
    OPC Interface Bending
    Bending curve generator
    Automatic sidestand compensation compensation by means of dynamic
    Press pressure reference
    Crown 4: Reactive hydraulic dynamic crowning of the lower cheek
    Automatic tool overload protection
    Compensation of the temperature-induced stator expansion
    Automatic dynamic pressure control with crowning 4
    Material thickness measurement
    Fast Bend - safety system manually adjustable in height
    2x manually adjustable front work piece in reinforced version,
    Overlay console leash 1.000 mm (> 320t)
    Scale on the upper cheek
    Side guards with electrical monitoring
    Rear safety gate with sliding door with electrical monitoring
    Linear guide with two parking spaces of 250 mm each
    Double guide of the upper cheek
    Installation heights and stroke increase by 100 mm
    Upper tool clamping type RF-A hydraulic
    Hardened weld plates at the top of the tool clamp
    4 axes back gauge X, R, Z1, Z2
    Additional backgauge finger in Z-direction, manually movable,
    Finger height = 40 mm (20/20)
    Optical Bending Guide System only with (RF-A / XPT)

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