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Fresmak Clamping Solutions Blog

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F-GRIP, a new clamping solution fitting the aerospace sector needs

April 2019
Author: Fresmak Team
Company: Fresmak S.A.
F-GRIP, a new clamping solution fitting the aerospace sector needs

An innovative clamping system based on Reversible Adhesion is being developed by FRESMAK, a company specialized in clamping solution for machining processes.


According to its characteristics, F-GRIP is an alternative to traditional clamping systems, providing enhanced performances compared to the current technologies, especially considering the typology of parts of the aerospace sector:

  • Higher precision:
    • Enables to obtain the final parts with a reduced number of set-ups and therefore minimizes the number of references.
    • Even with thin walls, the workpiece is not deformed by the F-GRIP.
  • Optimized machining times:
    • Enables to perform more operations in only 1 set-up
    • Allows machining with severer cutting conditions, even on high performance materials
  • Material saving:
    • Enables to minimize the size of the initial block that nowadays is oversized in order to be clamped with vices or screws.


The F-GRIP is a custom-made solution, which can be adapted to any part, material and machining process.

The adhesive consists in a biphasic polymer with different adherence phases which are activated by heat - between 80°C to 150°C according to the selected F-GRIP range.

It provides up to 1000N/cm2 of clamping force and therefore makes possible the machining of any metal, including Aluminum, Titanium and Inconel.

Its unique reversibility ability makes it easy to remove (at 50°C) and does not jeopardize the clamped surface.


The solution suggested by FRESMAK is composed of:

  • The adhesive: Today has the shape of solid discs (Ø25mm) and is easy to handle. It is recyclable and will be supplied as a consumable.
  • The base fixture: Designed according to the part shape and the machining loads. It includes cavities to locate the necessary adhesive discs and ensure the reference of the workpiece. On demand, it may include 0-point nipples to fix it quickly on the machine.
  • The activation system: heating and cooling devices are included into the base fixture to activate the adhesive as fast as possible.

Part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union, The F-GRIP is currently in demonstration phase and will be available in the market in 2020.

Meanwhile, the project can be followed on the social media and on its webpage: www.fgrip.eu.
+info: fresmak@fresmak.com

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